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Hey Folks! Our next fundraising opportunity is coming up. its called 30 for 30! we will start pitching it on march 1st so look out for it! Also details on plans to celebrate JB's 3th will be coming soon.

July 15 2010, please bring everyone you can, all ages can come. $10 per person (includes shoe rental) at sparkles in Smyrna. We are raising money for the Justin Sterling Brown Scholarship Foundation. A donation of $20 not only gets you in the door, but also gets you a We Love JB T-Shirt!!! please spread the word, even those who didn't know JB can get on board with having a good time for a good cause!

JB's Birthday Celebration will be held on March 27th @ Cosmo/Lava. Party starts at 10pm, there will be a toast at 11pm.

Show up in style with your own "We Love JB" t-shirt! They're $20 a piece, and the proceeds will go towards setting up a scholarship foundation in JB's honor. You can call or e-mail me to purchase one.

Let's make this party the biggest blast ever and make JB proud!

God Bless! I have great news! I will be selling the "WE Love JB" T-shirts you have seen me wear in the past. They will be selling for $20 apiece. All the proceeds will be going towards funding the Justin Sterling Brown Scholarship Foundation.

Why Buy a shirt? Well, as I stated before, we are trying to start the Justin Sterling Brown Scholarship Foundation. Proceeds from the shirt sales will be donated directly to the scholarship fund. In addition to that, we want to make sure you have a t-shirt to celebrate his birthday in! His birthday is approaching and there WILL be a celebration in Atlanta. We are looking to tie in wearing the t-shirt to the event, likely in the form of specials for t-shirt wearers at the venue.

We are looking at the weekend of March 26th to celebrate. Please mark your calendars! We will send out more information on the celebration, as well as details on the progress of the Justin Sterling Brown Scholarship Foundation.

How does one purchase a shirt, you ask? Good question. I will be at my house this Friday evening accepting cold hard cash if you would like to come by and purchase a shirt (address below). I will have more of these opportunities between now and JB's birthday. Also, don't hesitate to call or email me and I will setup a time and place for us to meet up.

For you folks that are out of town, feel free to send me a card with your address and $25 in it and I will mail you back the T-shirt. If you would like, send the money in a birthday card for JB, and we will delivery the birthday card to JB's family for you as well! Want to pay by credit card? We are working to partner with DYCE (www.rollthedyce.com) to sell the shirts from their website as well! Once we have that set up I will send out the link to purchase the shirt.

If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact me! I hope this message finds everyone in good health and good faith.

Benjamin Roberts
5196 Laurel Bridge Ct
Smyrna GA 30082

As a part of a pre-arranged plea agreement, Mohammad Adbus Salaam plead guilty to several charges, including Conspiracy to commit armed robbery and involuntary man slaughter. As an arrangement of this plea he received 15 years in prison and 15 years of probation. During the proceedings JB's father was able to get up and express his angst with the shortened period of time for this defendant (the other defendants all received Life+35 years). Abdus Salaam also took the opportunity to address the family and apologize. On behalf of JB's family, I'd like to thank everyone for their thoughts and prayers. God Bless.

Abdus salaam will serve 15 years in prison and 15 years probation.

David Barnes has informed us that Abdus Salaam is scheduled to enter guilty plea. Sentencing Oct 21st at 1:30pm. Cobb Superior Court. Everyone is welcome to join us for this, JB Shirts are ok.

Watch the sentencing video

Sentencing was today. After hearing testimony from JB's step dad and family of the defendants, the judge deliberated and came back with a sentence of life plus 35 years for each defendant. The life sentence means after 30 years they are eligible for parole, combined with the 35 years on top, they wont be eligible for parole for 65 years.

On behalf of JB's friends and family I would like to thank everyone for all your love and support through the last 2 years and through this trial. Please don't be a stranger, JB was all about getting everyone together, and we need to keep that legacy alive. I love you all.

I meant consecutively..good lord I'm out of it :)

Correction: They will be eligible for parole in 65 years. Their sentences are running concurrently (one after the other). So in the event they believe in reincarnation..they would've served life and its back to jail for another 35 years.

The defendants in JB's case all received a sentence of life in prison plus 35 years. They will be eligible for parole in 30 years.

Read court documents for this case at the following link.


Click on "Court Case Docket". Click "Criminal Search" and "Name". Enter NWAKANMA in all caps.

Good Morning All.

Yesterday, the citizens of Cobb County delivered justice in the form of a verdict we have all hoped for. All of the defendants responsible for JB's murder were found guilty of all charges, with the exception of Malice Murder. You can read court documents of this case (including the Indictment) on the link provided below.

We would like to thank everyone for the incredible show of support and love to JB's family and friends. Words cannot begin to fully express our gratitude to Sgt. Defense and his department, officials with the Cobb County court system and the Cobb County District Attorney's Office for their tireless efforts to bring justice in this case.

We will release details of when sentencing will be held, as well as the sentence as soon as we know.

Yesterday marked a milestone in the legal process of the pursuit of justice. But it also marked a milestone in our process of coping with this tragedy, collectively as well as personally. This by no means marks the end of either process. We are heartened by how we've all come together in the spirit of friendship, love, community, togetherness and justice.

We've all formed new bonds and gained new friends in this process. We can only hope that the spirit of this movement gains momentum as we collectively move forward in our lives. Please continue to show this love for our community to all your friends and family. Please continue to unite and celebrate life. Please continue to make positive impacts on this world. And above all, please keep the memory of JB alive and his spirit honored.

Thank you.

The Verdict: GUILTY of Felony Murder!!! They are facing life in prison.

The trial has been ongoing this past week. Tomorrow we will begin closing arguments and the trial will be handed off to the jury after that process completes. The Jury could get the case as soon as tomorrow but it will all depend on when the closing arguments ends. Thanks to all for showing so much love and support. We will have additional updates soon.

UPDATE (5/6/09) Jury has been selected. The trial will begin tomorrow at 9am.

Cobb County Superior Court
30 Waddell St
Marietta, GA 30090

Judge Schuster's Courtroom


*Please remember not to wear anything associated with JB (wearing purple clothing, purple ribbons, jb shirts, etc). Thanks

UPDATE on JB's Trial (5/5/09)
Jury selection continues. We will let you know when opening statements will occur as soon as we know. Probably Thursday of this week, again we will let you know. Also please be advised that if you plan to attend court not to wear anything associated with JB (welovejb shirts, everyone showing up in purple, purple ribbons, etc). We ask that you please pass information along to people who may not be receiving our updates (our friend list reach is only so far you know). Continue to follow updates at www.welovejb.com, at Facebook Group "WE LOVE YOU J.B.!!!!", myspace, twitter.com/welovejsb.

As soon as we know, you will know. Thank you all for your support.

UPDATE on JB's trial. Jury selection is not done and may not be done tomorrow. Wednesday/Thursday may be the best days to attend now. Opening statements and the start of the trial will occur after jury selection is complete. Again you are welcome to attend this trial at any point. Updates to come as we get them. Keep checking here, facebook group "WE LOVE YOU J.B.!!!!", myspace, twitter/welovejsb, email, etc.

UPDATE on JB's Trial

The trial has been moved to Judge Schuster's courtroom. Tuesday (May 5th) will be the best day to attend. Monday will be jury selection day, deliberations will most likely not happen on that day though. You are welcome and encouraged to attend this trial at any point this week or next though. It will start at 9am as far as we know. We will keep you updated through www.welovejb.com, Facebook group welovejb, and for you folks on twitter, www.twitter.com/welovejsb

Cobb County Superior Court
30 Waddell St
Marietta, GA 30090

Judge Schuster's Courtroom


Thank you for all your support.

Update on JB's Trial

According to our sources, Monday, May 4th, will be jury selection, we are not sure when deliberations will commence. If you are planning on attending, monday will be jury selection, and we will keep people updated of deliberations. The location of the trial is still the same. We will keep you updated through www.welovejb.com, Facebook group welovejb, and for you folks on twitter, www.twitter.com/welovejsb

Thank you for all your support.


The defendants in Justin's case will face trial here in

Marietta, Georgia beginning on Monday, May 4th at 9am. Details

are provided below. The trial is open to the public, and you are

highly encouraged to show your support by attending if you can.

Let's show this jury just how much we all love JB! Send prayers

and support to his family and loved ones here or via

facebook/myspace/etc. Thank you.

Monday May 4th 2009, 9am

Cobb County Superior Court
30 Waddell St
Marietta, GA 30090

Judge S. Lark Ingram's courtroom (6th floor)


RIP JSB, we love you, we miss you.



Thanks to all who were able to gather in Atlanta and Maryland last night to celebrate Justin's Birthday. I know he was with us and is proud of us all. -B


Tribute to Justin Sterling Brown - Atlanta - March 28th 2008

March 31 is a day JB would not let you forget, as it was his birthday. I remember him telling everyone months in advance to clear their schedules so that they could come out to party with him. It was awesome that many did and I think it would be great if we took this time to celebrate Justin's life the way he would want us to.The plan is for us all to meet at Cosmo/Lava and celebrate JB's birthday as a crew. Please wear purple which represents non-violence. I think this would be a show of force that he would be proud of. See everyone there. -B

Good Morning:

I sent you an updated e-mail a few minutes ago, however, I am not sure if it went through or not. I am in Florida and the hotel that I am staying at has a terrible internet connection. My email that I responded to yesterday has some type-o and I was hoping that you would re-post my message and delete the previous one that I sent.

The below information that I provided to Mr. Brown is correct. To update you on this case, here is the following that I would love for you to pass onto all of Justin's friends since I speak with Justin's dad weekly. Before I begin, I also want you and all of Justin's friends to know that I read his web-page daily. Reading the thoughts, memories, and comments left of JB's website motivates me and keeps me focused on producing a case that will yield the kind of verdict that you, Justin's friends, his family, and most importantly Justin would be happy with.

With regards to the case status, all of the defendant's (Muhammad Ahmad Abdus-Salaam, Luis Francis, Milton Tramaine Blackledge, and Miracle Nwakanma) have all had their initial hearings and Judge Bloom found there is probable cause for their arrest. All of the aforementioned young men have had their cases bound over to Superior Court for further prosecution. None of these defendants has made bond or been given one. Towards the end of the month I will present this case to the grand jury for indictment then the legal process will continue.

With regards to David Otto Hayes, I am either going to Illinois to talk with him or I might wait until he returns to Atlanta, GA which will be in a week or two. Once Mr. Hayes is back in Atlanta, GA the same process will start for him.

Lastly, please encourage all of Justin's friends to write me letters that I can add to the case file to show the impact that these young men have had on you and everyone that loved Justin.

As always, anytime you want or need information call or e-mail me.


Detective Louis Defense
Smyrna Police Department
Criminal Investigation Division
2646 Atlanta Road
Smyrna, GA 30080